Our Story

Founded On The Basis Of Care And Compassion

Maria Pop, a certified CNA, realized her passion for compassionate patient care while working at a nursing home. One of her patients, a woman named Evelyn, loved to have saltine crackers after lunch. Because of this, Maria would always pick up extra saltine crackers for Evelyn on her way to work - something that Evelyn enjoyed very much.

Compassion Should Not Be Limited By A Time Clock

One day, the nursing home disallowed Maria from visiting Evelyn to prevent Maria from going into overtime. It was at this moment that Maria realized that her compassion could not be limited by a time clock, and discovered her calling: to provide around the clock care for the people that need it the most. Shortly after, Orchard View Care Home was founded.

Why Choose Us?
Family Owned & Operated
Clean, Fully Furnished Home
Around The Clock Supervision
1:3 Caregiver/Resident Ratio
Fun Activities For Your Loved Ones
Nearby Hospitals, Parks & Facilities
Professional & Qualified Caregivers
Based On Integrity & Compassion
Organic Herb, Fruit & Vegetable Garden

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